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BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTIONWant to be the one who gets noticed? Where should you be for the highest impact and the greatest number of interested cuties?

Albert Mehrabian, the author of several books and nationally-known expert in the field of spatial psychology, where you are in a room (and what you're doing) has a lot to do with your ability to attract the opposite sex.

You see, when you start doing almost everything Vietnamese, learning the language, eating the Viet dishes, it seems as if you are ready to lose your identity completely and become Vietnamese. When you start doing everything just to please her, she will think you are a jerk. You see, just because she is Vietnamese and you are a westerner, it does not make her any less. We tend to seek out people who are like us, who reflect us.

Vietnam ladies dating etiquette requires you to be a real, total man who is proud of his identity and is not going to sacrifice it, not even for a woman. Introduce her to your parents There is no better way to show a woman you are serious about her than introducing her to your parents. Thus, do things that you both love like art, movies, dancing…anything that you have in common.

But it has come to my consciousness that these days the knowledge of young women dating older men hardly raises an eyebrow.

Naturally, women who are younger have this clear, definite appeal that goes past the “physical beauty” when going out with older men; you get an entirely different FEELING.

In other words, these women make you feel like the total man, they pamper your ego and give you a great time. If you are serious about a future together, she will be ready to show you off to her people. No sex on the first date – never Take your Vietnamese girl to a restaurant for the first date.When you take her home, do not bother saying she is Vietnamese or anything. When you do not know each other very well, you will still find a lot to talk about if you share common interests.How to date Vietnam women starts with identifying mutual hobbies. Be a gentleman If you have a daughter, how would you like men to treat her? Be a gentleman, pay the food and drinks bills, the cab fare and pull out a chair for her.Remember, as Luther Vandross sings – these are the little things that matter most in her life.So today, I want us to address the ‘touchy-feely’ topic on older men dating younger women or vice versa. I am not talking about younger women dating married men, nor am I encouraging such behavior.

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Not only will you meet more people, but, according to Mehrabian, bartenters tend to gravitate toward the corners as well. You'll feel like you've died and gone to dating heaven. THE COLOR LUREWhat color can you wear to compel the opposite sex to approach you? Red adds an element of excitement and attracts two types of men - men interested in sex, and men attracted to powerful women.

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