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For example, people with more diversified relationship portfolios tend to be more satisfied with their lives.

In contrast, the insularity of couples who move in together or get married can leave them vulnerable to poorer mental health.

They are instead finding or creating a variety of different lifespaces.

Sometimes you’ll see 21st-century variations of traditional arrangements, like multi-generational households that allow for privacy and independence as well as social interaction.

The people they care about the most might include family in the traditional sense.

But they’ll also loop in friends, ex-partners and mentors.

They are also more likely to visit, support, advise and stay in touch with their siblings and parents.

For example, they are more likely than married people to encourage, help and socialize with their friends and neighbors.

In contrast, when couples move in together or get married, they tend to become more insular, even if they don’t have children.

Unfortunately, single life continues to be stigmatized, with single people routinely stereotyped as less secure and more self-centered than married people. Yet studies of people who live alone typically find that most are doing just fine; they don’t feel isolated, nor are they sad and lonely.

These houses are often too isolating – too far from work and from one another.

According to a national survey ongoing since 1974, Americans have never been less likely to be friends with their neighbors than they are now, with neighborliness lowest in the suburbs.

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