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She is a professional classical lied singer, and the former lead vocalist of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, which she founded with Tuomas Holopainen and Emppu Vuorinen in 1996.Their combination of hard and fast guitar riffs with Turunen’s dramatic, “operatic” lead vocals quickly achieved critical and commercial popularity.In a recent interview with Ghost Cult Magazine, Jansen — who has been performing with NIGHTWISH since last October — was asked if she would be willing to front NIGHTWISH permanently if she were asked to fill the slot."I've been asked to fill in for the current world tour and for a couple of festival dates, but what will happen after that is still unclear," she replied."NIGHTWISH will take a break after the current touring cycle and they'll make a decision next year.

Holopainen has known Jansen for more than 10 years already, having previously toured with her former band, AFTER FOREVER.It will be a major overhaul in my life and my career as a singer, but then again, we're not rushing things. Anxiety levels were running high, because replacing a female singer mid-tour is a hazardous experience, to say the least. "It doesn't matter where you perform, You Tube will be plastered with movies of the gig the next day, so I really gave it my all."Both the guys in NIGHTWISH and I have experiences with previous band breakups and all emotions that come with it. Things feel good and it's going well, but we're not in a rush to tie the knot, so to speak." Regarding how she looks back on her experiences as a stand-in singer for NIGHTWISH so far, Jansen said: "It's still too early for me to really reflect on the whole NIGHTWISH adventure, because there are still a couple of tour dates pending, including some summer festivals. They were running the gauntlet to make sure that none of the remaining tour dates had to be canceled. Everyone in the band and crew were really supportive and all the positive reactions and the warm acceptance by the NIGHTWISH fanbase was beyond my wildest dreams.It was an amicable divorce, so to say, and made in good spirit, and we are just looking to the future.There really is no reason to go back into all the details and all that.

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