Being old fashioned dating

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He kept talking to me about his boners, and my preference for how he should use his tie (blindfold, or tie me up).

I wish this approach wasn’t so revolutionary, but it totally is. We live in a world where cell phones are our tethers to the people around us.I could have walked there without a problem, but my date asked if he could pick me up anyway.I thought this gesture was incredibly sweet as it meant we got to spend more time together.Instead, we just enjoyed each other’s company at a pace that was equal to how long we had known one another. When I was in high school, a guy brought me flowers on a first date and I thought he was a total weirdo. As an adult, I’ve really learned to drop the “play it cool” act and let myself be totally excited about gestures like flowers. I have no problem making first moves and bringing up tough conversations about exclusivity, but I’m also a sucker for a guy bringing up the “going steady” talk. She's a queer gal whose passions include recovery/sobriety, social justice, body positivity, and intersectional feminism.They’re super romantic and it really takes a ton of courage for a guy to be bold enough to bring them. A huge pet peeve of mine is having a weird in-between relationship. In the rare moments she isn't writing, you can find her holding her own in a recreational street hockey league, thrifting eclectic attire, and imperfectly practicing Buddhism.

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I’m a hardcore feminist and also a total sucker for chivalrous dating traditions.

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