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I think many of us with cystic fibrosis (CF) have built up emotional walls around ourselves.

They are our shields blocking the unwanted invasions from people’s judgment, perhaps even people’s concerns.

An upcoming romantic drama about two young people with cystic fibrosis is angering some in the community.

Though the film aims to raise awareness of the life-shortening genetic disease, a number of advocates say it could do more harm than good.

I like the reference, “Everyone bears their own cross.” We all struggle with issues that we as individuals have to deal with in our own ways. Perspective, the viewpoint from which we approach a situation, can either be in a positive or negative light. But those inhibitions, those fears about their judgment of us doing breathing treatments or coughing, it’s a struggle within ourselves.

If we view our disease as a negative and think about how it prevents us from doing things such as going all day to a festival with a date because we don’t want to have them see us doing treatments, or declining a hiking trip to the mountains because we simply cannot walk those inclines, we limit ourselves from potential possibilities. I believe once we accept ourselves for the way our bodies are and have been created, we convey authenticity about ourselves.

No, the average person doesn’t deal with these things.

But everyone, every single person, has their own battles they face. Though the battles of someone with CF are great, it is our perspective that determines the effects they can have on our relationships with others – in this context, on our relationships with potential partners.

“Some people seem to think it is an enormously positive thing to get cystic fibrosis out there on the silver screen.If we are being authentic in a relationship we show our true selves.People don’t doubt or question knowns, only unknowns.Don’t let the fear of other people’s thoughts grip you.It’s their thoughts, not yours, so does it matter to you anyway?

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The directorial debut of stars Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse as cystic fibrosis patients in the same hospital who fall in love but aren’t allowed physical contact with each other due to their disease.

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