Dating a deaf girl

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Dating a deaf girl

You may need to talk slowly and enunciate more in order for them to read your lips properly.

The same goes for you as you are learning to sign because if she signs too fast, it may be harder for you to understand her.

While you can both still be normal around each other, there are still some adjustments you may need to make communication-wise.

If the person you’re dating knows sign language very well, then it is also a good idea for you to learn it too.

Oftentimes, deaf people are used to others not taking them seriously or not willing to be patient with them.

2 daughters & 1 son grow up kids had their own life. Age 35 From Canterbury, United Kingdom Online - Over 2 weeks ago Woman Seeking Man (385 Miles Away) I am kind, polite, positive and always put others before myself.These are not necessarily cons, but instead they are things you will need to work on if you want the relationship to be successful.Here are some cons to dating a deaf girl: Before you date a deaf girl, there are certain things that you should know and do to make it easier and more natural for both of you.Many people lose their hearing through illnesses, so they learned a different language before they lost their hearing.Deaf people can usually read lips, and some even use speech therapy to speak, so they are much better at communicating than most people think.

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However, there are many misconceptions when it comes to deaf people. Most people assume that deaf people primarily use or solely rely on sign language as a form of communication.