Dating a high schooler validating wireless protocol conformance test cases

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Dating a high schooler

He opens the car door for her and gives her his jacket when it’s cold.He is a perfect gentleman and they wouldn’t have it any other way.I guess people are concerned with how others see them, but here you have the people who really matter on-board; her, her parents and you.Good luck and may your relationship blossom like those flowers that blossom forever.If I was a freshman in college, and she was a senior, otherwise, probably not. Same as top comment: we'd have to be very close in age and student status. If I was a college freshman, maybe it would be acceptable..once you are in college and you see all the hot women around you who are your age or older..would not even care to get with a girl in high school.

Getting a high school girl to date you can be tricky.

She only lives an hour away and comes over every weekend. You have a right to date who you want and it's tough to find someone you really click with.

Can't say I've ever gotten along with a girl so well. Am I doing the wrong thing by not cutting it off right away. You will get some heat from people around you but if you're intentions are good, then the truth will always come out in time. Maturity is the most important thing but tread carefully.

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