Dating a terminally ill person Sexy date site no subscription

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Dating a terminally ill person

I don’t understand how hard it is to ask “what illness do you have” or “I’m sorry you have to go through that horrible disease but you seem like a great person and worth a try”.

I can see things from her side but like I said she never asked what I had or gave any sympathy.

Mankind surrounding me suffers horrendously and indescribably worse sorrow, pain and the plight of pure agony that in comparison...... But as a believer in miracles I have no doubt that my own prognosis may be flawed and wrong.

And I'll still be "singing in the rain" at the age of 80 or longer.

I want to marry and have kids one way or the other.

I have talked to others about dating with Lyme and they also get rude, mean-spirited messages.

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