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Respondents to the SHRM surveys who discouraged or forbade dating in the workplace cited concerns with potential sexual harassment claims, retaliation, claims that a relationship was not consensual, civil suits and workplace disharmony if the relationship should end.

Depending on the discretion of the dating couple, gossip in the workplace can become rampant and disruptive.

Make sure that your employees are aware of all the rules and policies regarding workplace romances.That percentage is up significantly over the last fifteen years.Many organizations forbid intimate relationships even outside supervisory relationships.You may want to think about your organizational culture and the work environment you want to provide for employees.Are there certain romantic situations you want to prohibit or, at least, have a policy in place to address?

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From data gathered from a survey of several thousand employers and employees, she determined that inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace is common on company time and at company locations.

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