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As previously, much of her costume jewelry was designed and produced to accompany her clothing.

Along with the chains she used on the hems of her jackets to weight them properly, necklaces, earrings and brooches (most notably the camelia flower) were included and sold with each outfit.

More of the signatures tend to be stamped or engraved on the pieces themselves, rather than on a plate attached to the piece; I've seen them stamped directly on the lobster clasp of necklaces or bracelets, for example, or on the back of a brooch.The numbers on both sides of the logo identify the season for which the jewelry was produced.2 CC 3, for example, identifies the piece as produced for Season 23 and 2 CC 5 identifies it as produced for Season 25.1920s through 1930s: Chanel costume jewelry produced and sold prior to 1939 and before Chanel first closed her boutiques was designed specifically to accompany the various suits, day dresses and evening dresses she sold at that time, and is unsigned.The lack of a signature makes it hard to authenticate, but rarely will you find very early pieces of Chanel costume jewelry available on e Bay anyway. 1940s: There are some costume jewelry pieces, notably enameled brooches, that were originally sold in 1941 with name Chanel stamped on each piece in script.

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Costume Jewelry Designers Part 1 are listed in alphabetical order and the subject is divided into Two Parts.

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