Dating washington pocket watches

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Dating washington pocket watches

These are not gem quality jewels, no one would take them out of a watch and try to sell them as jewelry, they are more industrial type jewels because the ruby, sapphire, and diamond are so hard, they make very good bearings because they don’t wear.: I bring them in for a good cleaning so they can run.I also found watches on e Bay, back when e Bay was starting, the mid to late 90s, you could go on and find some good bargains.: I really prefer the Waltham pocket watches, made by the American Waltham Watch Company in Waltham, Massachusetts. It’s the oldest American watch company in terms of mass production.I have a friend who has a watch shop, and he does that for me.I do minor repair work, I’ve replaced broken glass crystals on occasion, but for the most part I try not to fiddle with them too much.Adjustments means the watch has been specially calibrated to keep constant time regardless of how it is held, adjusted to work in the vertical position, the horizontal position, the left, right, upside down position.Jewels are basically bearings on the various gears.

I joined the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, the NAWCC, and they had regular meetings where you could meet with other collectors and buy, sell, and trade with them.

: Different metals, silver, gold, a lot of them are gold-filled, which is two very thin sheets of gold on the outside around a thicker layer of brass.

You have watches that have cases made from a wide variety of silver color material, with a colorful trade names like silveride, usually nickel based.

I got started collecting pocket watches partly because I hated wearing wristwatches; I used to carry my wristwatch in my pocket, so I thought; why not just try getting a pocket watch. I was impressed by it, over a hundred years old and still running. I find pocket watches in a variety of places, flea markets and antique shows.

A couple months later I saw another very nice antique pocket watch with a pretty dial on it, and I thought, I’m not collecting or anything, but I’ll have two. I used to go to the Brimfield Antique Show out in Western Massachusetts that happened twice a year.

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The downside is that you can wander around hours and never find anything you’re looking for, whereas online you can do a search for pocket watches and they are displayed in front of you. The other thing about buying at shows is you really need to know what you’re looking at, be prepared, because you don’t have the luxury of thinking something is interesting, going to do some research, and coming back the next day to the listing.

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