Double standard for women in dating poly dating site

Posted by / 26-May-2020 12:10

Double standard for women in dating

When guys are strongly opinionated, they’re being manly; when we are, we’re bitches.

Without it, the relationship in question doesn’t stand a chance.

From the perspective of a strong, honest opinionated woman, that double standard is BS.

When they spend all day Saturday in pj’s, it’s just fine; if we don’t put on nice clothes and makeup, we’re “lazy” and we’ve “let ourselves go.” Guys, really?

That’s why we come running when a friend needs a hug or a listening ear.

We won’t always prioritize them over our guy, but a friend in need is a friend indeed and we’ll be there when we’re needed because that’s what good friends do.

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Yet, if we’re rightfully picky and insist that our future partner have reasonable qualifications, such as an actual career and life goals, we’re being unrealistic? When they devote long hours to their careers, they’re office rock stars; when we do, we’re “workaholics.” There is a such thing as working too much, but it’s a fine line to draw in today’s economy as it gets harder and harder to make ends meet.

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