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Frankmusik and colette carr dating

Carr's debut album "Skitszo Collection" was released as a whole on July 9, 2013 through Interscope, which included parts 1-4 and four additional songs.

"Never Gonna Happen" was the album's fifth single, released on March 5, and a remix by Dave Aude appeared on Billboard Carr toured along with Huey Mack and Mayo on the "Pretending Perfection" tour and then toured for the "On The Rise" tour, along with Jake Miller, Becky G, T. In January 2015, Carr announced that she was working on her second studio album Believe in Us, due to be released in late 2017.

The majority of the album has been written and produced with Carr's frequent collaborator Frankmusik.

Like her previous album, Believe in Us will be split into EPs with the full album being released as a whole later. Start., was released on June 23, 2015 on Kawaii Nation.

Colette, along with Frankmusik and Kay, were interviewed on Much Music’s ‘New. Live’ the other day to talk about the tour’s first show, wardrobes, and show off their beatboxing skills.“I got to hand it to Quebec, because they put their hands up without us even asking them to,” Carr said.

Kay added, “I’m so thankful to be on this tour, it’s a phenominal opportunity for me.

The audience reacted positively to Carr, screaming "Go white girl".

A second single from the album, named "Play House" was released on January 22, 2016 with the music video released on February 3, 2016.

Colette Mary Carr (born January 6, 1991), is an American musician based in Los Angeles, California.

Carr's debut album, Skitszo, a collection of previously released digital EPs, was released on July 9, 2013.

Killswitch is a song by American recording artist Colette Carr.

The song was written by Colette Carr and Frankmusik and produced by Frankmusik.

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The song was released on November 17, 2012 by Interscope as a part of "Skitszo (Part 1)" and is also on her debut album Skitszo.

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