Friendship and dating in croatian

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Friendship and dating in croatian

As if Friday wouldn’t have come on its own, without God’s help.Of course, it’s only our own thinking that someone or something out there has more power than us.Or hooking you up with the best heart surgeon which actually saves your life. But you’ll cherish what they did for the rest of your life. For example, you will never hear a husband thanking his wife for cooking a meal.Or a friend thanking another friend for taking the time to meet them. If you’re in it with me, I don’t need to thank you for it..

But it is also a friendly gesture – a way of saying you want to be part of the Croatian conversation. Everything that derives from this basic Croatian is a minefield.

They encourage your creativity only to steal your ideas. Let’s say your friend is having a rough time with an aggressive partner.

You give her a shoulder to cry on, you coach her, you offer her a place to stay.

The weird expressions I am about to teach you do not easily translate from Croatian to English.

They are part of our daily folklore which has peculiar gratitude customs. When thanks are given or withheld and how long they last.

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Walking down the road in Zagreb, you will see women who can easily become models in the United States or the United Kingdom, because they are truly stunning.