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Gta iv dating alexandra chilton

This can even horrify the player to an extent, such as when Low makes scornful comments about all of the people he has murdered in gruesome ways or Low's clinginess towards Niko for being his "friend".During his encounters with Low, Niko's eyebrows are raised and his mouth is open in disbelief. Niko almost always refuses alcohol when it is offered to him (he asks for water in the mission Ivan The Not So Terrible) except for the mission The Holland Play where Playboy X pours him a glass.Additionally, one of his main traits is his cynicism and nihilism, which he acquired from the Yugoslavian war.He dislikes politics and the greedy mannerisms of Roman (saying for instance "capitalism is a dirty business" after saving the latter from the Albanians), as well as the American society, which he finds hypocritical and extremely materialistic.Despite having an average build, Niko is quite strong and several characters call him through the story "big man" or "big guy".His casual outfit is a brown jacket, dark gray trousers, and brown shoes.He has absolutely any fear as he is willing to confront dozens of armed henchmen to save Roman or fighting highly trained NOOSE's agents to defend the crew during the robbery.In fact, he is a very wrathful man, and is willing to kill those he considers as traitorous betrayers, threats, arrogant dimwits (such as Vlad Glebov), or anyone who stand in his way, including "innocent" police officers; there are a few characters, however, that the player can spare but also kill as well, like Darko Brevic.

However, Packie knows his feelings and often show compassion, as well as Kate.

He has an apparent distaste for illicit drugs, much like Carl Johnson.

He frequently turns down Little Jacob's offers for marijuana and warns Packie about his cocaine habit.

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