Internet dating greece

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Internet dating greece

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In English, however, the country is usually called Greece, which comes from Latin Graecia (as used by the Romans) and literally means 'the land of the Greeks', which in turn originates from Ancient Greek Γραικός (Graikós).

This ushered in a period known as the Greek Dark Ages, from which written records are absent.Its economy is the largest in the Balkans, where it is an important regional investor.A founding member of the United Nations, Greece was the tenth member to join the European Communities (precursor to the European Union) and has been part of the Eurozone since 2001.), also known as Hellas (Greek: Ελλάς), is a sovereign state located in Southern and Southeast Europe.Its population is approximately 10.7 million as of 2018; Athens is the nation's capital and largest city, followed by Thessaloniki.

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