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Recently, the “The Spy Who Dumped Me” star sparked dating rumors after being spotted with actress-model Elizabeth Hurley in Morocco.Meanwhile, there are reports claiming that the “Dumplin’” actress has started going on dates as well.Well if that ever happens it would produce a shock greater than that of their respective divorces combined.It has been a year since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got separated. In addition to her successful career, Jennifer Aniston’s popularity surged due to her romance with another Hollywood beloved, Brad Pitt.Their relationship and subsequent marriage was highly publicized in the media and was deemed an incredible success.“She knows that whomever she chooses, the gossip will be relentless, but she says she's actually OK with that,” the same insider added. And second, those are reckless assumptions,” Aniston explained.

Post-wedding, their flame continued to burn and Brad even made a guest appearance on Friends – what more could you require from a power couple?

The relationship seemed to have ended right after it started.

Aniston’s relationship with Tate Donovan was widely considered as her first real relationship (no hard feelings to Mr. Donovan had broken off his engagement with Sandra Bullock, so the world thought Aniston would go right into his life and fix everything that was broken. They made a couple of red carpet appearances together and soon got engaged.

They announced plans to start making babies in February 2004 but before they could get into it, lady Jolie shows up on the set of portraying one half of the titular character and Pitt the other. Of course, Brad would go on to date Angelina Jolie.

The flame between Jen and Pitt begin to dim from then on. The new year 2005 started with the sad news of Brad and Jen’s split, ending their 7 year-relationship and with a second woman in the picture, the world didn’t take it lightly – well part of the world. Fans of the film did love it though and we can’t deny how Brangelina looked so perfect together.

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However, like Donovan’s immediate past relationship, the engagement was only short-lived as they soon broke things off. Donovan guest starred in Friends as Aniston’s character, Green’s love interest.