Mom son adult chat

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Mom son adult chat

"It's been so long since I have had a hard cock to love that I just have to taste it" With that she leaned over and ran her tongue around the head of my dick. As her mouth slid up and down my cock, her hand alternated between stroking the skin and caressing my cum filled balls.

I was able to reach down her back and slide my hand into the crack of her ass.

It was so wild and erotic, frenching my mother while she jacked my dick.

I some how got my shirt off during all these gyrations. Standing, she slid my pants down and I stepped out of them. Looking down I could see my mother, naked, on her knees, sucking my cock... She left my cock with her mouth and started licking my balls.

I was wearing flannel boxers and a t-shirt and she was wearing her bathrobe, having freshly showered.

She was certainly attractive but not acting terribly sexy or seductive.

I bought a TV and VCR for my room so I could watch porn and jack off but it wasnt the same as actually fucking a nice hot pussy, of course.

I then noticed that my parents seemed edgy and at odds with each other.

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"We need to talk about something very serious" she said after a while.