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Some women would even fly to other countries to provide sexual services after sealing a deal.

Whoever introduced the customer to the sex worker was paid referral fees, as sex workers would pay the money to the referrer through We Chat's payment function.

There are pictures of them looking glamorous at red-carpet events.

Despite the extent of the biographical details provided, unsurprisingly, they are all untrue.

Sex trafficking involves the exploitation of an individual in the commercial sex industry where the victim is expected to provide commercial sex acts on demand.

Tragically, even cases of sex trafficking have been linked to sexual predators lurking on Snapchat.[6] While this is by no means a common occurrence (at least as indicated by news reports), it is yet another indicator of the links between Snapchat/Snapcash and sexual harm.

Wenzhou police in Zhejiang Province detain six sex workers in a raid in 2012.

If a sex worker tried to evade the fee, her personal information and behavior would be posted on the group chat so that other members would also refuse to do business with her. Sex workers who wanted to be paid better would contact photographers in the group to help them take professional-looking, sexy pictures.

The photographers would then edit their pictures with computer software.

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Some companies even helped them create detailed fake biographies and contact some Web companies to spread the information online.

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