Opensuse 12 1 updating

Posted by / 17-Dec-2020 17:28

Patches are meant for specific bug fixes and security fixes for software that comes packaged by Open SUSE and is maintained in the Main Updates repository.

A single patch might include several package updates to mitigate a specific security vulnerability or bug fix.

If you are using Open SUSE as your desktop OS you may notice that running “zypper up” will show more updates than you see through the GUI.

The upgrade operation will be performed regardless of vendor or repository and is often used when you want to replace an official package with one from a 3rd party repository, such as packman.

On a production system or system that needs to be kept in a stable state you will not want to use the dist-upgrade option except in certain situations.

Either way you choose to run this command you will receive output similar to this: Information for patch open SUSE-2017-462: —————————————- Repository : Main Update Repository Name : open SUSE-2017-462 Version : 1 Arch : noarch Vendor : [email protected] : needed Category : security Severity : moderate Created On : Wed AM EDT Interactive : — Summary : Security update for gimp Description : This update for gimp fixes the following issues: This security issue was fixed:– CVE-2007-3126: Context-dependent attackers were able to cause a denial of service via an ICO file with an Info Header containing a Height of zero (bsc#1032241).

These non-security issues were fixed:– bsc#1025717: Prefer lcms2 over lcms1 if both are available – bgo#593576: Preven crash in PDF Import filter when importing large image PDF or specifying high resolution Provides : patch:open SUSE-2017-462 = 1 Conflicts : [36] gimp.i586 A released patch conflicts with the affected/vulnerable versions of a collection of packages.

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