Outlook 2016 busy not updating

Posted by / 17-Dec-2020 01:29

Outlook 2016  busy not updating

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You can search for this file on your computer by typing in into the File Explorer(make sure it is not just searching the folder you are currently in, but choose “This PC” on the left hand side of File Explorer.) If you run this, it will repair any corrupted pst or ost file. If nothing else works, you may need to rebuild your index. All you need to do is follow these steps to rebuild your Outlook 2016 search index: Note: When the index is being rebuilt, your search will not work.

I don’t know how long the indexing it takes, but 20 min is not enough.

I followed the instructions similar to those above; they won’t work if the computer times out before the indexing is complete.

I keep emails for long periods to facilitate searches for old messages and have very large in and sent boxes.

Every 6 – 12 months I do massive archiving on my several computers.

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When your index has finished rebuilding, you can go ahead and restart your Outlook searches.