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Racism in dating

" I realized the "nice," "chill" guy I had been chatting with online had clearly never had a conversation with a black woman before.And if the underhanded racism wasn’t enough to make me deactivate my account, this guy reminded me that some men still view women in an overly sexualized way.My impassioned reply was met with, “I gotta say, BLM seems pretty toxic to me,” about a minute later. I felt like the people I met on dating apps pushed me to answer for and defend an entire race constantly.When I challenged this guy on his opinion, the interaction immediately turned hostile.I had underestimated the number of racist micro-aggressions that would come my way.One of my first matches, a guy who had moved from Minnesota to Los Angeles a month earlier, sent me the opening line, “Ever dated a white guy before? Over the next month, I received at least 10 different variations of that question, each one more maddening than the last.Encountering this kind of underhanded racism was unnerving, and as a WOC, its imperative for me to take a break from them every now and again.

Why would I subject myself to this vicious cycle of validation and rejection just to get ghosted?After four months of swiping, I found myself worse off mentally than when I began.Were other women having similar experiences with racism on dating apps, and, if so, why wasn't anyone talking about it?My most disappointing date was with a guy we'll call Josh*.We seemed to hit it off and exchanged numbers after only chatting in the app for a few days. We both happened to be binge-watching and we bonded over our love of Asian cuisine.

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Instagram was already doing a great job of satisfying my millennial need for approval.

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  1. The courting script was usually contained to “calling,” in which the man was invited into the woman’s parlor for conversations over tea and involved a large degree of supervision.