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He says he needs time to "think about things" I finally just asked him flat out what this means.And he admitted that he is unsure of what it means and when I asked him if he has actually considered walking out on our marriage he says he doesn't know.

I'm 19 and nearly slept with girl I met in a nightclub.In the past, my husband has always been able to turn the game off when needed and attend to his personal matters. A few months ago he joined a group of other gamers who logon at certain times and do "events" together.These events became an intrical part of his life to the point where he was declining going out and doing social things so that he would not miss events or if he did go out or spend time with myself or friends he would always cut it short so that he could be home in time for his online events.Anyway after a couple of days she popped up to me on facebook acting all horny like and asked me to send pictures, I said no, then she asked to skype, I said no, then she asked to talk dirty and I said I dunno because you got a boyfriend and everything so he could see, how ever I did say to her I would like to have shag her, then suddenly the paranoid boyfriend is like yeah this is me on her account I have reported all these conversations to the police and I have saved them.So I was fine and just said listen mate I'm not a pedo she is 1 year younger than me, then turns out she is 2 and a half years younger than me which I did not know, I didn't bother to ask for her age because of just the way she looked she looked at least a year younger maybe older.

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