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If you know something about this IP, please leave a comment.Lookup IP In: Domain Tools | Spam Haus | Spamcop | Sender Base | Google Groups | Google Please note: being listed on these pages does not necessarily mean an IP address, domain name, or any other information is owned by a spammer. If you are the owner of this IP address, you can whitelist it by connecting to this page from the IP itself (or from an IP within /24).Very few people have heard of it today, but it was one of the earliest points of Christian settlement in Scotland.It’s in a protected bay east of Ross, right on the edge of the Highlands.

Twelve hundred years ago, Portmahomack was one of Scotland’s most prosperous and important communities.

These were Norse people from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, approximately. They conquered parts of Italy and parts of the the Levant on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.

They were using hugely sophisticated navigational skills, ship-building technology, and they pushed out from their homelands. Fascinatingly, Russia may even have been named after the Vikings.

We can see smashed pieces and fragments of the sculptures mingled in amongst the ashes of buildings that seem to have been completely burned down. Of course, we can’t be certain, but it seems that the likeliest explanation was that this settlement, this monastery was attacked and looted. Who were these people that disrespected the Christian God and ignored this holy site?

It seems fairly likely that these people were from across the North Sea. These people were Lindisfarne, which is a monastery further down the east coast of Britain, off the coast of Northumberland.


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