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I know Rick enough to know that he would not stand for fear or for misinterpretation of possibilities to drive out the awesome thing they are believing for.It is the same for me, I am not debunking Rick or Bob but I am judging their words and want to say a few things about them.There was not one, but in the natural we had the State prepare for one and put up Tsunami signs.Over 70 believers here that I know began to have dreams about Tsunamis and most of them hadn’t heard Bob’s word.There are 18 million here, and less then 200,000 were affected but the word felt like everyone could be doomed by the issue and the apocalypse was coming.I am not saying that was Bob’s intention but because we are still learning how to give and receive words, there is much bad interpretation and little to no activation on what to do.The words Bob gave were not clear and had no apostolic preparation.That means that the clearest way to respond is still intercession or moving.

No one IN California or the west coast is getting these words on a level to suggest to people to actually move away.

Those are the only two choices we were given by him.

3) God always has an army in the hardest places: Those of you who know you are supposed to be here, you are the army of the Kingdom who can help if something terrible does happen.

This is bolder then I have ever heard him on prophetic words. I also know how many times his words have been misunderstood or didn’t have full interpretations or even full revelation.

Prophets see in part, that is why it is helpful when 2 or 3 of them have these words so that you get a more full interpretation. He saw rioting would break out in the streets of Los Angeles, and that there would be a curfew and that people would die in the streets.

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Posted: April 7, 2011 in prophecy Tags: bob jones, disaster, earthquake, earthquake in la, EXPRESSION58, great faith church, morning star ministries, prohpetic perspective, prophecy, prophecy about california, prophetic bulleton, rick joyner, shawn bolz I am going to write into the prophecies that have been going around from Rick Joyner and Bob Jones and I know this is very sensitive for many of you.