Speed dating movie scenes

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Hello Leo Liu, When Stephen asks Ash if she's going to send any cards she answers 'What's the point? Sometimes when we meet a person we like, we change our behavior and the risk is to seem a little stupid.

Cal compares his own grandma to Jack Palance and then says, “If Jack Palance looked like that lady, I would want to f**k Jack Palance right now.” After Andy says this, it doesn’t take long for the other guys to catch on that he’s a virgin.

Stephen: Hmm, well, I think you should keep trying.

So far they’ve been either totally boring or just weird!

Andy ends up getting laughed out of the seminar when he earnestly asks the therapist, “Is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?

” When Andy first tells Seth Rogen’s character Cal about his new girlfriend, Trish, Cal is quick to point out that, since she has kids and one of them has a kid, she’s a grandma.

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Stephen: Dear Valentine, I want the world to know I love you…