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Turn on Airplane Mode on your mobile device so you won’t receive any incoming calls while the firmware is downloading, or while the Phantom 4 is being updated.There are 2 methods to update the Phantom 4 firmware.Do not perform firmware update while the aircraft is still flying in the air.Remove the propellers before starting the firmware process.You can update using the DJI GO app or the DJI Assistant 2 app.It’s best to have the latest versions of these applications on your smart cellphone or tablet device.

To update the firmware on the Remote Controller, then the DJI Go app is recommended.If you do lose the internet connection, it would be better to start the firmware download again.Updating the firmware file is very important and we need to be 100% certain that the file downloads correctly.You can update the Phantom 4 with the DJI Assistant 2 or the DJI Go app.It is also very easy to update the Phantom 4 Remote Controller using the recommended DJI Go app.

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DJI Go App Version 4.2.12- Apple IOSDJI Go App Version 4.2.8 – Google Play DJI Assistant version 2 v1.2.3If you have previously changed settings such as collision avoidance, maximum flight, horizontal distance or return to home altitude etc, check these settings and verify that they are how you want them set.

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