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…I’m surprised that the age of consent hasn’t been raised here, considering, as I mentioned, how much online activity is to be found with men looking to have sex with underaged girls, and how it’s routinely stated (even by the police on their website) that the age of consent is actually 19.Also, considering how in the late 1990s how youth sexuality and changing youth behavior (and rising crime, including sex crimes) was discussed as if teens were a virus infecting society, the low age of consent is perplexing – not looked at through a moral lens, but through the discourse in the media surrounding teens at the time (and to a lesser extent now).…“However, having sex with minors aged 13 or older, which does not involve financial deals, is not punishable if the minor consents.” That contradicts the 19 year old age of consent the police say they adhere to, but if I have to choose between the police and a 7 year-old KT article, I’ll go with the police.I've recently noticed that I'll read through a profile and think great!I could totally click with this person, just to realize that I'm outside of their dating range.While I'm just about to graduate and that maybe they just don't want to deal with a college student about to make a transition in their lives.

As I type this however, I’ve had my long-suffering wife looking on her computer for more Korean sources (her Korean is rather better than mine!And fortunately he does have a post in which he discusses this issue.To be specific, it is about controversial rulings in two teenage prostitution cases in July 2001 and July 2009 (known in Korean as Under related laws, those who have sex with minors younger than 13 should be punished, regardless of whether the minors agreed or whether there was a financial deal.), it still took a great deal of time and effort to explain what the concept was.Not to imply that they’re stupid and/or ignorant of course, but that Korean adults needed an explanation is surely indicative of how alien the notion of teenage sexuality is here (or at least public discussion of it).

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Turning to an online dictionary next then, I found 성관계 승낙 연령 (sexual relationship consent age) instead, with the explanation 합법적으로 성관계를 승낙할 수 있는 연령 (legally sexual relationship can consent to age).