Updating a mobile home

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Updating a mobile home

We love to see people taking charge of their homes and changing them for the better.

To celebrate these everyday interior designers, we held our first-ever Mobile Home Makeover Contest in July, 2016.* The results were stunning.

The HUD Code is your guide about regulations before making any improvements.

Just as with a stick-built home, appraisers and real estate agents determine the value of a manufactured home by using recent comparable sales.

Lending institution guidelines generally exclude manufactured homes built prior to this date, so a potential buyer for a property this old cannot obtain a loan.

This choice allowed them to maintain the off-white and silver combination which was the backbone of the entire redesign.

The distinctive patterning of the skirting also allowed Patricia and her family to carry their eclectic design sensibilities to the exterior: they paired the skirting with distressed vertical wooden siding.

Because the total price of manufactured homes is substantially less than a traditionally built home, items that add value are generally not major renovations.

Any cost-effective cosmetic issues that can be addressed inexpensively, such as carpets, interior and exterior paint, vinyl flooring, lighting fixtures, cabinets and counter tops can make a big difference to the beauty and value of a manufactured home.

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