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Over time, using surveys and progressive profiling will paint a detailed picture of the prospect and their company and you will have plenty of information in your databse.

Finding company information is not as arduous as it seems. However, if all your strategies don’t work out, then you can turn to plenty of websites and free software tools.

For starters, make sure that you end your blog post with a message for the reader, compelling them to tell a bit about themselves and their company information.

Mind you, you have to do that without being promotional about it.

Moreover, it also helps you identify your own ideal customers.

This is especially the case if your competitor has the same turnover and business model as you have.

It will help you formulate more insightful questions, and also boost your confidence level.

What sort of marketing information would be most useful for your company?

Also, the article would mention the contact details of the company or the directors/executives as well.

is one of the world’s leading sites for value-added corporate and related industry information appropriate for investing, competitive analysis and research information on over 38,000 of the leading public companies in over 75 countries.

For instance, have a look at how entrepreneur Ramit Sethi does it: Now, with such a prompt, chances are that the reader will reveal their personal information not their company information, however, you can do some more research and reach the prospect’s company.

Now you already know about one candidate from the company so finding out more company information would not be all that difficult.

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How many of turn up your nose every time you have to fill a survey form?