Updating my bose system

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Updating my bose system

those new pins GM is using are so small that the tyco and molex crimpers are too the way as far as i know this wont work on luxury Bose systems .i will late do a full post on my set up .

once i catch up on some quality time with my family.

the other companies that make adapters just want to sell you more electrical components to add to your already complicated Bose so i bought my truck brand new back in december of 09 .

i have kept it stock this whole time but just hated to Bose sound system it came with.

to recover some of the cost of the special crimpers i had to buy to crimp the special harness pins i had to buy.the speakers and sub are the same ones as the standard system but it has a way better amp.feeds more power and sounds better than the standard system.Updating your Cine Mate system requires a blank USB drive.This update method assumes that you do not have the Sound Touch wireless adapter connected to your system.

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other than that the amp does nothing your chimes , on-star, sensors, on and on (lol) are processed through your head unit.after finding that out and knowing the bean counters at GM i knew that the standard bose amp was not going to have a signal sensing amp to turn on when it knows there is sound coming in. there not too Bose head unit outputs 6.5 volts WOW that blows away a lot of the after market units out there after testing out all my research i went ahead and searched for weeks to find a harness i was not going to cut my cableswell this is what i came up with . i cant believe the stock head unit can produce such a clean signal to my of all EVERYTHING works like factory.

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