Updating scott 299 amplifier

Posted by / 23-Feb-2020 17:57

Switches and potentiometers (volume, tone, balance, etc.) do become noisy with age, but usually can be restored with proper use of quality cleaning (De Oxit) solutions.

I believe it should be the intent of restoration to bring the amp back to the quality and sound of the original unit as originally designed by the HK engineers and I have selected the components to match the original design.

This HK stereo receiver is from the golden age of tube amps.

I had an HK A300 amp in college many years ago and was always impressed with its sound.

I have been very focused in my efforts—I am not a generalist, but have concentrated primarily on the HK A300 and A500 amps —and learned all that I can about these specific units.This is a very nice restored Harman Kardon TA5000X Festival III tube receiver, serial number 4720589.I've restored about 40 HK tube amps and receivers and sold most of them on EBay, recent EBay sales include, A500 amp # 230607735073 , A300 amp, # 230607734237 , A230 amp # 330539388127 -- also check my feedback at the end of the listing below of amps and receivers I've sold..Proper restoration of the TA5000X’s is pretty extensive.There are a total of 26 electrolytic and coupling capacitors to be replaced.

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The AM and FM tuner sections appear to be working properly.