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Updating world stock market indices

British government minister Michael Gove, asked on the BBC's Andrew Marr show whether the government would abide by any legislation passed by lawmakers opposed to its strategy of not ruling out a no-deal Brexit, said "lets see what the legislation says".

Elections in two east German states on Sunday are set to yield a surge in support for the far right and raise the pressure on conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel's Social Democrat (SPD) coalition partners to quit her government.

Upon initialization no index was populated after 40 minutes, even when using the refresh command.

While the Top40 index may have moved by, say, 4% during the month, some of the stocks in the index would have done better or worse.European stocks on Friday extended gains from the previous session, helped by a surge in German real estate companies and on relief that trade tensions between the United States and China were easing.Italy's stocks are ending August on a high after the formation of a new coalition government, while Britain's equity market is heading for one of its worst months since before it voted to leave the European Union more than three years ago.A spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce told reporters that China had no plans to respond to the White House’s latest tariff escalation, although he also remarked that “China has ample means for retaliation.” Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry stated that the two sides remained in “effective communication.” Many T.Rowe Price managers and analysts believe that China may be unwilling to agree to a substantial deal before the November 2020 U. presidential election, preferring to wait and see if a Democratic challenger is elected.

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