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Here and here are some posts that will help you with code samples. Agreed that Regular Expressions might be faster, but ... Basically, this code is for a User Control which contains a label, a text box, and an error provider. Public Enum Check Type ct String = 0 ct Real = 1 ct Decimal = 2 ct Integer = 3 ct Byte = 4 End Enum Private m Allow Negative As Boolean = True Private m Allow Null As Boolean = True Private m Check Type As Check Type = Check String _ Private Sub Rule Check Me() '// Rule Checking If Me. Text Length = 0 Then If m Allow Null = False Then Main. Text Box1, "You are required to provide this value.") Me. Length 0 Then 'TODO: Figure out how to cope with input masks! Valid = False Else If m Allow Negative = False And Me. It also has various other properties, but here's the bit which deals with validation. I do use this on the Text Changed event, because I don't want the user to continue typing if it's an invalid character; the rule checking "eats" the invalid character. Valid = True End If Else Select Case m Check Type Case Check String If m Input Mask. Valid = True End If Case Else '// right now we're only testing for numbers...

Private Sub Form1_Form Closing(sender As Object, e As Form Closing Event Args) Handles Me.

To disable validation for any button control on the page, set the button control's . For more information, see Script Exploits Overview. These include the Button, Image Button, and Link Button Web server controls, the Html Input Button, Html Input Image, and Html Button HTML server controls, and controls that can automatically post back to the server such as the Text Box, Check Box, List Control, and Bulleted List controls.

When this method is invoked, it iterates through the validation controls contained in the Validator Collection object associated with the Page.

Unfortunately, the text I have copied includes something else, too, e.g.

“ The fastest way for validation is using regular expressions.

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When users enter values into an HTML form, the values that they enter are strings.

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