Who is lee ann rimes dating

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Stories of celebrity hookups on movie sets, be it Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the 1960s or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the 21st century, are the stuff of which tabloid dreams are made.But Rimes, who married former dancer Dean Sheremet in 2002 when she was 19 and he 21, seemed an unlikely candidate to star in such a drama.In her book, "What I Cannot Change," Rimes wrote glowingly of her spouse."My husband, Dean, has changed my heart -- and life -- in more ways than I can ever imagine," she wrote.

All of the media surrounding Rimes has not decreased her admiration for the singer, Litzenberger said.

She commonly mentions the children on her Twitter account.

In March 2014 Cibrian’s son Mason had been rushed to the hospital.

All of the drama and tabloid coverage has overshadowed Le Ann’s music career.

Cibrian’s children have been accepted and loved by Rimes.

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Now the two have both separated from their respective spouses and the ensuing scandal has cast a shadow over Rimes' wholesome, good-girl image.