Wolseley engine dating

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Wolseley engine dating

With Napier, they were the only British representatives in continental races.

The factory was tooled-up for production, catalogues were printed and the price had been fixed at £172/10/- but, with the outbreak of war, the car had to wait six years before it was introduced.

The car was driven by Captain Alastair Miller, who named the car ‘Moth’ after a troupe of chorus girls he was friendly with.

Despite a crash in its first race, the 1921/22 season saw the ‘Moth’ gain 54 Brooklands certificates, of which 44 were class records. Miller took the first British 24 hour ‘Double Twelve’ record Wolseley first entered the motor racing arena in 1902, shortly after being acquired by Vickers, and continued until 1905.

It is thought that systematic production only began after the Vickers takeover.

The early Wolseleys, built to Herbert Austin’s design, had transversely mounted horizontal engines with one, two or four cylinders.

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The Eight was to follow, but there was an unexpected setback when, in the winter of 1945, the experimental prototype was stolen.