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Your dating magazine

When, during an “after hours” conversation, one contestant uses the word “swipe” to refer to dating itself, without having to explain the word’s provenance, she reveals that dating has become so process-oriented that it’s practically indistinguishable from the mechanisms that were meant to streamline it.

Though dating apps may improve many aspects of modern romance — by making people safer and more accessible — their guardrails also seem to limit the possibilities for it.

It’s a lament we’ve all heard (and probably uttered) before: Dating in L. Big and Carrie, Edward and Bella—because they make for sexier stories than safe relationships, so we think that love should feel obsessive.

If our prospects aren’t flaky, they’re superficial; if they’re not posing with a tiger in their Tinder profile, they’re morally opposed to traveling more than three miles for a date. There is some sort of method to the madness, at least according to L. We see passionate-but-toxic relationships on TV and in films—Mr.

All dating shows are contrived, but the contrivances on “Dating Around” are not preposterous, designed to shock or entertain — in fact, they’re depressingly familiar.

It simply follows a person going on five blind dates over the course of a week, and then choosing one person to go out with again.

The five dates must know they’re being judged against one another, but the show avoids acknowledging this, and the dater’s deliberations are never shown.

Before diving back into your pool of potential paramours, utilize her cheat sheet for how to make the whole process suck just a little bit less.“Healthy love shouldn’t feel like a roller coaster.

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Nothing is especially wrong with this arrangement, but is anything right?

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